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Using the Picasso Library to load images into a GridView A GridView is a ViewGroup. It lets you show stuff in a two-dimensional grid. You can scroll the grid if there are too many items to fit on the screen. You can control the look of the grid either dynamically…

Using Bitmaps efficiently

Using Images without killing your app Images take time to download and display. They can make your app unresponsive, especially when using them in list views, grid views and view pagers. The solution is to download and process them off the main thread. Then resize and cache them for faster…
Loading the Picasso library into your Android Studio project Picasso is a powerful image downloading and caching library package which you include in your app build. It simplifies working with images, reducing the code that you need to use to one line of code. Picasso is fast and easy to…

Drawer Navigation

Using Navigation Drawers in your apps The Navigation Drawer is a panel where you can put your navigation options. The panel is hidden off-screen and displays when the user swipes it onto the screen. You can also use the app icon as a button to open and close the drawer.

Swipe View Tutorial

Using Swipe Views to swop pages Swipe views allow you to change pages by swiping your finger across the screen. You create Swipe views by using a page viewer and an adapter. The adapter supplies the pages and the page viewer takes care of moving the pages on and off…