Creating your Diy Quiz text file with OpenOffice

  1. Open up an OpenOffice spreadsheet.
  2. Enter your questions, one per line. Separate fields with the "pipe" character (|). Do not use the pipe character anywhere else in your file. It is used to separate the fields.
  3. Keep the format -- category|question|correct answer|answer 2|answer 3|answer 4|answer 5 -- The first field is the category (or subject), followed by a question. You then need to supply the correct answer followed by four more possible (but incorrect) answers. Each of these fields are separated by the "pipe"character.
  4. Save the file. Select File > Save As from the main menu. Then from the drop down screen:  enter diy_quiz.txt as the File name: and select Text CSV (.csv)(*.csv) as the Save as type: option. "Un-select" the Automatic file name extension box and select the Edit filter settings box. Press the Savebutton to save the file.
  5. In the next pop-up screen, press the Keep Current Format button.
  6. Then, in the next pop-up window, select Unicode (UTF-8) as the Character set, enter the "pipe" character (|) as the Field delimeter and leave the Text delimeter field blank (delete whatever is in there). Press OK.
  7. That's it. You're done.

You can have as many categories and questions as you like (although you probably won't want more than about 10 categories). The order in which you enter the categories doesn't really matter as long as you stick to the format (as described above) for each row. Remember that the trial version only shows two categories.

Once you've downloaded the text file to your device, it will be converted into a database by the app. If you choose to uninstall the app, it won't affect your text file which will remain in the device's Download folder.