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Passing Serialized objects between activities You can pass primitive data, like integers, strings, booleans and array lists between activities. You can also pass Serialized objects between activities. We’ll show you how.
RecyclerView and CardView widgets for all Android’s latest release, Lollipop (Android 5.0 API Level 21) includes the new RecyclerView and CardView widgets. They’re also made available for use on devices running API Level 7 and above through the Support Libraries. The RecyclerView provides a more advanced and flexible way of…

Using Toolbars in your apps

Toolbars A Toolbar is similar to an ActionBar. It’s a ViewGroup so you can place it anywhere in your layout. You can even replace the ActionBar with a Toolbar. Toolbar’s are also more flexible. You can modify its size, colour, position, etc. You can also add logos, labels, navigation icons…

Expandable lists

Double up: using expandable lists Expandable lists let you create lists within lists. They’re ideal for list items that have sub-categories. The user selects an item from a scrollable list and another list pops open. They can then make another selection from this list.