Android and DynamoDB

android dynamodb


Amazon DynamoDb is a nonrelational database that is fast and flexible. It is a NoSQL database service with consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. DynamoDB is a managed cloud database supporting both document and key-value store models

You can use DynamoDB in your Android apps.

Android and DynamoDB: The two options

DynamoDB Object Mapper API

Using the DynamoDB Mapper API you would define a model in your app matching the model of your DynamoDB table. You then use the DynamoDBMapper class as the entry point to DynamoDB to access your data.

Document API

The Document API lets you access the individual attributes within data objects directly. You don’t have to map the DynamoDB table properties to your apps’ class members. The Document API acts as an interface between your app and the returned data.

The Document API has new data types to assist in the serialization and deserialization process.

So what’s the difference?

Both APIs have methods enabling you to perform create, update and delete operations as well as executing queries on your DynamoDB tables.

The difference between the two APIs is how the data is represented in your app. You can choose which API to use and you can even mix and match the two depending on your needs.

This tutorial uses the Document API to interact with our DynamoDB table.