How to keep your clothes on and have fun with text!

Android TextView icon

You use the TextView class to display text to the user.

Although you can also edit the text displayed in text views, it’s best to use the TextView subclass, EditText to do that.

The TextView class has a number of attributes that you can use to make your text really stand out. We’ll show you a few to whet your appetite.

Read on to see how to:

  • Create and position a TextView in a RelativeLayout in code
  • Add shadows to your text
  • Rotate your text
  • How to use different font families to impress with your text

Get the user input: Using TextFields

TextField iconNeed to get user’s names, email addresses, telephone numbers?

In fact you can get the user to enter any text. Just define your fields in your layout. Then when the user touches the field, a keyboard pops up and they can enter the text.