Free Clip Art Android app

  • Written by  Clive

Two for FREE! A free Android app for Free Clip Art images

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You need an image, NOW! You want it for FREE and you want to be able to use it without being sued!

No problem. We’ve got an app just for you.

Our Free Clip Art app links you up with openclipart’s database of fantastic clip art images. With our app you’re able to:

  • Search for images. Matching images are then displayed as thumbnails in a grid
  • Select your favourites from the thumbnails. These selections are saved in two lists:
    1. A temporary list that’s deleted when you exit the app or start a new search
    2. A permanent list that’s saved “forever”
  • View a larger version of any of the thumbnails
  • Share this image’s link with friends via email
  • Open up openclipart’s website to view more detailed information about this image
  • Download the image in multiple formats

Free Clip Art is an official app

Free Clip Art is great to use while commuting, during breaks or while having coffee.

Free Clip Art is ideal for students, bloggers, professionals, writers, or anyone needing great, free-to-use, public domain clip art.

Free Clip Art is…FREE!

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 You may also want to check out the newer Gold edition, built with Android's Material design visual language, making for a better user experience.