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What’s Clip Art?

Clip art is simple pictures and symbols that you can use in your documents, email, etc.

Android Image editing app

Smart Photo Editor

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Professionally edit your images for free

Edit all your images.

Take a photo then edit it immediately!

Use the inbuilt file picker to find any image on your device or in your Google Drive.

  • Select the image
  • Load the image into the editor
  • Edit the image
  • Share the image

It’s that simple!

Be smart. Get the Free, Smart Photo Editor for perfect pictures!

Bring your images and imagination. You’ve got the tools.



Open Images Gold

Open Images Gold, your free Android app that gets the image for you!

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Need high-quality photos, illustrations or vector graphics? Want to get them for free and use them anywhere, anytime for free?

Open Images Gold, a free Android app lets you search’s database of over 400 000 high-quality images.

Select your favourites to view later or share an image with friends using your favourite app.

You can also save the images in your Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Free Clip Art Android app

Two for FREE! A free Android app for Free Clip Art images

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You need an image, NOW! You want it for FREE and you want to be able to use it without being sued!

No problem. We’ve got an app just for you.

Connect your Android device to your computer and simply copy the diy_quiz.txt file that you created to your device's Download folder.

You can also email the file to yourself by adding it as an attachment to the email message. Then open the email on the device and save the file. It should automatically be saved to the device's Download folder.

Remember that the file must be in the Download folder as the Diy Quiz app will only look for the file in this folder

Working through this tutorial with step-by-step guidance, you’ll learn how to create an Android application from scratch. You’ll cover all the basic skills that are needed to develop any Android application. You’ll also learn how to display images in a grid, text in a scrollable list, how to create a menu and navigate between screens. World Flags In detail, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a new Android project in Eclipse form scratch
  • How to use resources such as colors, dimensions, strings, string arrays, and typed arrays
  • How to use a Linearlayout
  • How to use a TableView
  • How to use a GridView
  • How to use a ListView
  • How to create a menu
  • How to navigate between Activities
  • How to use a Splashscreen
  • How to use a Worker Thread
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App publishing in China

China has the world’s largest installed base of connected devices - almost 25% of the world’s mobile devices. 500 million Smartphones are predicted to be active by the end of 2013, and possibly exceeding the combined European and USA smartphone user market by the end of 2015!

Although Chinese users follow the rest of the world in their interest in games, compared to American users, they tend to be more interested in news apps and are more likely to make in app purchases.

The English speaking world has traditionally been the largest market as localization is fairly painless. However, this market is becoming saturated and developers have realized the need to look elsewhere. China seems to be a good prospect despite the many barriers to entry, such as piracy, monetization difficulties, fragmentation of the distribution network and naturally cultural differences.

Developers in the smaller non-English speaking countries were forced to consider the Chinese market a while back. The decision to do so was made easier for them as they already were faced with a small local market for their apps. It was natural for them to expand into foreign markets including the English market. Localizing their apps for the Chinese market was no different than doing so for the English market.