Smart Photo editor: The free, professional image editor

  • Written by  Clive

Professionally edit your images for free!

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Edit all your images.

Take a photo then edit it immediately!

Use the inbuilt file picker to find any image on your device or in your Google Drive.

  • Select the image
  • Load the image into the editor
  • Edit the image
  • Share the image

It’s that simple!

Be smart. Get the Free, Smart Photo Editor for perfect pictures!

Bring your images and imagination. You’ve got the tools.

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Smart Photo Editor large edited image

Use the professional editor to edit any image

Smart Photo Editor effects tool

Select from a large selection of custom effects and change the mood of your image. The preview thumbnails display the result in real time

Smart Photo Editor stickers tool

Add stickers to spice up your image

Smart Photo Editor enhance tool

Use the default Enhance tools for quick results

Smart Photo Editor meme tool

Memes are easy too!

Smart Photo Editor splash tool

Use the Splash tool to colourise specific areas


Change the orientation, crop and add an overlay


Crop, add an overlay or use the black and white effect

Smart Photo Editor orientation tool

Straighten things out using the Orientation tool

Smart Photo Editor overlay tool

Be creative with a wide selection of overlays

Your editing tools, your imagination

Create fantastic, professionally edited images.

You now have over 30 editing tools at your fingertips

  • Enhance your image using a number of pre-set image enhancing tools
    • Hi-Def
    • Scenery
    • Food
    • Portrait
    • Night
  • Effects - select from a number of default effect tools. Thumbnails of your image display the effect in real time. Simply select the effect that’s perfect for your image!
  • Frames – select the frame that best suits your image
  • Stickers – spice up your image. Put a sticker on it. Select your favourite sticker from a list of funky stickers. Position it on your image. That’s it. You’re done!
  • Overlays – Add overlays to your images. Select from Squares, Verticals, Scapes, Hexagonals, Crosses and Circles
  • Crop – crop images using pre-set sizes and formats
  • Adjust – choose from a number of adjustment tools to make your image stand out
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Exposure
    • Warmth
    • Saturation
    • Shadows
    • Highlights
    • Vibrance
    • Tint
    • Fade
  • Sharpness – use the sharpness tool to make your image crisp and clear
  • Focus – add focus to specific parts of your image
    • Radial
    • Linear
  • Vignette
  • Orientation – if only she was looking the other way! No problem, use the Orientation tool to flip the image
    • Rotate clockwise
    • Rotate anti-clockwise
    • Flip left to right
    • Flip top to bottom
  • Splash – add colour to certain areas for emphasis
    • Free colour
    • Smart colour
    • Eraser
  • Draw – use a variety of colours and pen sizes to draw on your image
  • Text – add text in a variety of colours
  • Meme – create memes in an instant!
  • Blemish – touch up where necessary using the Blemish tool
  • Blur – blur certain areas using the Blur tool
  • Redeye – easily remove those red eyes
  • Whiten

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Get Smart Photo Editor now, it’s FREE!

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