Free Android app covering all aspects of addiction, including prevention and treatment

Cut the connection and debug your app on the move Here’s how you can debug your app without connecting your device to your development pc or laptop. We’ll show you how to record crucial events that you want to monitor in a preference file for later examination.
Your Android app’s versionName, versionCode and ApplicationID made easy   So what’s an Application ID? Each app has a unique id which looks something like this com.example.myApp. No two apps can have the same id.
Using Realm databases in Android apps: A beginner’s tutorial What is Realm? Think of a Realm as a database. A Realm is similar to a database and can contain different kinds of objects. You can use a Realm in your app instead of an SQL database. The Realm is saved…
Using a Firebase Realtime Database in your app Firebase is a Google product. Use the start-up package for free and only start paying once you’ve expanded beyond the free package limits. You can check out the pricing here Here’s a quick summary of our tutorial app
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