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You had this idea for an app. It kept you awake at night. Then you grabbed some paper and a pencil and began drawing. Aimlessly at first but then things started to fall into place and there it was, your app on paper. Time to spark up the computer, crank up Android Studio and start punching out some code.

It wasn’t easy. Endless problems, snags, bugs and visits to Stackoverflow. Countless, frustrating emulator testing and finally it’s working. So you publish it in the Google Play Store. Success at last! Really?

That was the easy part. Every day you visit the Play Store to check your downloads. Nothing. No downloads! Something must be wrong. This was the missing app. Everyone needed it. So why aren’t they downloading it? One word, MARKETING.

Marketing your app can cost you an arm and a leg but it doesn’t have to. There are free options. Free App Marketing is a collaborative app marketing service which is free to use.

Free App Marketing lets you market your app worldwide for free. Simply upload your apps’ details and include a few lines of code in your app and you’re done! Now your app will be advertised in other apps worldwide and it costs you nothing!

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Free App Marketing ads are shown as CardViews inside a RecyclerView. Click an ad and it opens up that apps’ Google Play App Store page ready for installing

You control how your users interact with the ads within your apps, so they don’t interfere with the flow of your app. The ads download payload is very small, is run in the background and cached so does not affect your app in any way. Ideally, you would enable the ads to download while your app is installing and have a “More apps” or similar button placed in a side navigation drawer. Pressing the button will then display the ads.

Free App Marketing is currently only available for Android apps marketed through the Google Play App Store. (Minimum SDK 16 - Jellybean).

Check out the demo app in the Google Play Store, and visit the Free App Marketing website here