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Importing Android Studio projects into eclipse

Eclipse import iconYou can’t import Android Studio projects into Eclipse.

Here’s what you can do:

Android Studio: How to guide and tutorial will show you how to install and use Android Studio to develop Android apps quickly and efficiently. Using almost 200 images, I will take you on a tour through Android Studio, showing you how to import an existing project or create a new one. I describe all the tools at your disposal in Android Studio, tools that will make coding easy for you.Android Studio eBook cover

Once you are familiar with the Android Studio layout, views and tools, I take you, step-by-step through the process of building a simple Android app. This is where you get to apply everything that you have learnt to actually using Android Studio to build an app.

Finally, I show you how to test and debug the app and once you are ready, I show you how to digitally sign the app and build the APK file ready for distribution.

Android Studio: How to guide and tutorial is ideal for beginner Android developers wanting to start coding using Android Studio or those switching over from Eclipse or similar IDE. It offers a quick and easy way of learning Android Studio.

Although Android Studio: How to guide and tutorial, assumes that you have at least a very basic knowledge of Android (or Java) programming, it includes a tutorial on using Android Studio to build a very basic “Hello World” Android app. So even if you have no Android programming experience, you will find this ebook helpful in learning to use Android Studio.

Please note that it will not teach you Android app development, rather it will teach you to use Android Studio which you can then use as a development platform while learning Android app development. Android Studio will make it easier for you to learn to develop Android applications.

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Using LogCat in Android Studio or Eclipse to debug your code

Android logcat icon

You’ve spent hours developing your app and each time you test it, it either bombs or returns results that you never expected. You would love to see what’s causing the problem. Well you can. Android’s Log class enables you to do just that. You can use the Log class to display messages as the app runs and even filter the messages so that only messages that you are interested in are displayed.