Getting active: Using an Activity as an Alert Dialog

Activity dialog iconYou can use an activity as a custom dialog. Simply create the activity.

There’s no need to use any Dialog classes.

Here’s how you do it.

Dialog tutorials. Doing it your way: Custom dialogs

Custom dialog iconYou can use your own layout in an Alert Dialog.

Making Toast

How do you like your Toast?

Toast iconToast messages are a quick way of telling the user something.

They are short pop-up messages that show for a second or two and then fade away.

The choice is yours. Choose one, choose all!

Multiple-choice list dialog logMultiple-choice list dialogs let the user select a number of items from the list.

They can also select only one item (or none).

Dialog tutorials download filesMaking a list, checking it twice…List Dialogs

Android list dialog iconYou can use three types of lists in your Alert Dialogs:

Dialogs download filesLet’s talk about Dialogs

Dialogs iconOkay, so here’s a Dialog:

Android alert dialog

We’ve all seen them in one form or another.


Notification Tutorial

Notification Tutorial iconThis is the second article in the two part series, You can master notifications. It's easy!, on Android Notifications. Part 1: Some stuff you should know covered the theory of notifications.

In this, Part 2, we put everything together in a tutorial.


Notification iconMaster the basics of Android notifications

Notifications inform the user about something. They appear in the Notification area at the top of the screen.

What you can do with Strings!

Android Strings icon

Strings are…, well they’re a sequence of characters. We use them all the time in our apps

Writing to and reading from files on your device

Save files iconI showed you how to save files in the Android file system in Part 1: Saving files. Now I‘ll show you how to read the files.

Part 2: Making a withdrawal: Reading the files.