Search and you will find

Android search icon

You can use Android’s search framework to search data on a device as well on the internet.

Our tutorial will show you how to use the SearchView Widget and the Search Dialog to do searches.

Drag and Drop tutorial

Moving stuff around: Dragging and dropping

Android Drag and Drop icon

Android’s Drag and drop framework enables you to drag and drop data between views.

We’ll show you how to drag an image from one layout and drop it into another.

Just like the movies: Frame Animation

Android Frame Animation icon

View Animations include Tween and Frame animations. Frame animations are also known as Drawable animations.

You define the Frame animation in XML and save it as a drawable. The animation is then displayed as a sequence of images in an image view.

A Property Animation tutorial

Making a move: Using Property Animation in your apps

Android Property Animation icon

You can use Android’s Property Animation system to animate just about anything, not only visual objects.

Property animations modify the properties of an object over time.

Our tutorial app shows you how to animate View objects to give the impression of movement.

Make your apps come alive! Use Animation

Animation animate icon

There are three types of Android animation:

  • Property animations – these enable you to change the properties of an object, like text size for example
  • Frame animations – these display a sequence of drawable images
  • View animations – also known as Tweened animations. These animations are applied to View objects and allow you to:
    • Rotate a view
    • Change the size of a view
    • Change the transparency of a view
    • Move a view

Our tutorial will show you how to use View animations in your apps

Use the Equalizer effect to filter your sounds

Android equalizer effect icon 

Boost and improve your app’s sound quality!

Use the Equalizer effect to get rid of unwanted sounds or to make certain sounds more prominent.

Playing sound clips in your apps

Android soundpool icon

The SoundPool class lets you load a number of sound clips into a device’s memory. You can then play these sound clips on demand. You can even play a number of sound clips at the same time.

The clips are decompressed and decoded when they’re loaded so there’s no delay when you play them.

Our tutorial shows you how you can use the SoundPool class to play sound clips in your apps

A recording studio in your pocket!

Android MediaPlayer and MediaRecordewr audio icon

You can use the MediaRecorder class to record audio and video and the MediaPlayer class to playback audio and video.

Our tutorial shows you how to use the MediaRecorder class to record audio and the MediaPlayer class to playback audio.

Creating Custom Views

Roll your own: Creating your own Custom View

Android customViews icon

Android has a number of views like button, image and text views.

What if there are no views that suite your needs? Well, then you can create your own. We’ll show you how.

App Widgets tutorial: part 2

Here's how you can create an app widget...part 2

Android's App Widget tutorial part 2 icon

App Widgets are mini apps that give users immediate access to important functions of an app.

We mostly use App Widgets to display important information about an app on a device’s Homescreen.

You can create your own app widgets. Here's part 2 of our tutorial where we show you how to create and use App Widgets in your apps.