Open Images, your Android app for royalty free images.

Android application Open Images Pixabay royalty free images

Open Images, a FREE Android app, lets you access Pixabay’s “…over 440,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations.”

Pixabay is “…a repository for stunning public domain pictures. It’s “…your source for royalty free stock photos and copyright free vector graphics.”

“You can use any Pixabay image without attribution in digital and printed form, even for commercial applications.”

Please note that the developer of Open Images is not in any way affiliated to Pixabay

Regrettably this app will not work after 31 January 2016 and is no longer available on Google Play. Please see Open Images Gold.

Open Images lets you:

  • Search Pixabay’s database for that perfect image
  • Select favourite images that you can save and review later
  • Save images in your Google Drive which you can then access from any device
  • Share images using your favourite application
  • Go directly to Pixabay’s website where you can view detailed information about an image or download it in various sizes

 Using Open Images

You will need an internet connection to use Open Images. An error page displays if you’re not connected.

You also need to have Google Play Services (usually comes pre-installed on newer devices) and the Google Drive app installed if you want to save the images in your Google Drive.

Once connected, you’ll see the start-up page which is displayed while the app prepares itself in the background. Once everything is ready, a Go button appears. Click the Go button to display the search screen.

Starting out

Open Images app no internet connection

The not connected screen appears if there is no internet connection. Press the Go button to get started

Doing the search

Open Images app search screen

Enter your search terms, separated by a space (maximum of 100 characters)

A Reset button appears as soon as you enter any text. Press the Reset button to clear the text field and start again.

Press Go to start the search or Filter to refine your search.

Refine your search

Open Image app refine search page

Make your selection to refine your query and press Done when you’re ready

Select the Filter button or the Refine menu option to display the refine screen. Make your selections then press the Done button when you’re finished. Your query will now return results matching your selection.

The results

Open Image app view in landscape or portrait

Query results are displayed as thumbnails in a grid. You can view them in either portrait or landscape mode

Change the background colour on the fly

Open Image app change background colour on the fly

You can change the background colour, between black or white at any time

Selecting images

The Context menu

Open Image app selected image context menu

Long-press on an image and a Context menu appears. Choose from the context menu what you want to do with the image

Long-press an image to display a Context menu. Selecting a menu item will now apply to that image. The options are:

  • Go to Pixabayopens the Pixabay website’s page for the selected image
  • Show large imagedisplays a larger version of the selected thumbnail
  • Share imagelets you share the selected image. On selection It displays a list of all the apps installed on your device capable of sharing an image, or it will open the only installed app capable of sharing an image. Nothing happens if there are no apps capable of sharing an image
  • Save in Google Drivesaves the selected image in your Google Drive. A notification appears after a successful save. Press the notification to open your Google Drive to view your saved files

Opening the Pixabay page

Open Image app selected image Pixabay page

 The Pixabay website displays more information about your selected image and also offers more download options

The Pixabay website page for the selected images lets you:

  • View information about the image
  • Download larger versions of the image

Open Image app selected image Pixabay page download and more information

The Pixabay page offers more download options and gives you more information about the selected image

Showing a larger image

Open Image app selected image larger image

You can also display a larger version of the thumbnail image

Sharing an image

Open Image app share selected image

You can select from the list of apps installed on your device capable of sharing an image to share the selected image

Sharing an image displays the Chooser if there is more than one application capable of sharing the image. You can then choose an app to share the image.

Saving images in your Google Drive

Open Image app  save selected image in google drive

Double-tap an image to save it in your Google Drive

Double tap the image to save it in your Google Drive. (You can also select the Save in Google Drive option from the Context menu). A notification is sent on successfully saving the image in your Google Drive. Touch the notification to open your Google Drive (you can also select Open Google Drive from the options menu).

Saving selected images for later browsing

Open Image app save selected image for later browsing

Single-tap an image to select and save it for later browsing

Single-tap an image to select it. This “saves” the image, enabling you to review it later.

The Toolbar

Open Image app toolbar annotated for navigation

Toolbar icons provide for easy navigation

Use the toolbar icons to help you navigate through the app.

The Overflow options menu

Open Image app navigation menus

More options are provided in the overflow menu

The Options menu offers the following options:

  • Help – displays an easy to follow diagram showing how to use the app
  • Refine search – opens up the refine search page where you can make selections to refine your search, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get the images that you’re looking for
  • Open Google Driveopens your Google Drive, giving you access to all the files saved in your Google Drive
  • Change background colour – lets you change the background colour at any time. Choose between black or white
  • More – opens another menu:
    • About displays the app version and a link to the developer’s website
    • Developer Websiteopens up the developer’s website
    • More appsopens up the developer’s Google Play store page where you can view all their apps
    • Legal noticedisplays the required Google Play Services legal notice

Regrettably this app is no longer available. Please see Open Images Gold.

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You need an image, NOW! You want it for FREE and you want to be able to use it without being sued!

No problem. We’ve got an app just for you.

Using your application resources

Application Resources icon

You should keep your resources, like images, strings, values, etc. separate from your code.

Application Resources folders

Some of the folders in the res directory

Connect your Android device to your computer and simply copy the diy_quiz.txt file that you created to your device's Download folder.

You can also email the file to yourself by adding it as an attachment to the email message. Then open the email on the device and save the file. It should automatically be saved to the device's Download folder.

Remember that the file must be in the Download folder as the Diy Quiz app will only look for the file in this folder

Android for beginners. Building a Fuel Consumption Calculator with line by line commentary is aimed at those wanting to develop Android applications without having to dig through piles of technical jargon. It helps you build a working Android application step by step, with line by line commentary explaining each line of code. fuelCover

After working through the tutorial you will have a good understanding of Android application development and will be able to go on to build more complex applications with confidence.

The Consumption Calculator covers all the basics of an interactive Android applications. On first installation it displays a splash screen which checks whether or not a vehicle registration has already been saved. A Main menu then displays, allowing the user to either add a record, edit a record, delete a record or calculate the fuel consumption. The record contains the vehicle registration number, date of entry, odometer reading, total fuel bought and the total cost of the fuel. The record is saved in a Sqlite database.

The database can be searched by date or odometer reading to find a record or to calculate the fuel consumption between two dates or odometer values.

The tutorial takes you step by step, building the project, creating the activities and layout files. Explaining each step, describing each line of code.

You can download all the project files of the working application to validate your progress.

A must have resource for anyone wanting to learn Android application development. 

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Working through this tutorial with step-by-step guidance, you’ll learn how to create an Android application from scratch. You’ll cover all the basic skills that are needed to develop any Android application. You’ll also learn how to display images in a grid, text in a scrollable list, how to create a menu and navigate between screens. World Flags In detail, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a new Android project in Eclipse form scratch
  • How to use resources such as colors, dimensions, strings, string arrays, and typed arrays
  • How to use a Linearlayout
  • How to use a TableView
  • How to use a GridView
  • How to use a ListView
  • How to create a menu
  • How to navigate between Activities
  • How to use a Splashscreen
  • How to use a Worker Thread
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App publishing in China

China has the world’s largest installed base of connected devices - almost 25% of the world’s mobile devices. 500 million Smartphones are predicted to be active by the end of 2013, and possibly exceeding the combined European and USA smartphone user market by the end of 2015!

Although Chinese users follow the rest of the world in their interest in games, compared to American users, they tend to be more interested in news apps and are more likely to make in app purchases.

The English speaking world has traditionally been the largest market as localization is fairly painless. However, this market is becoming saturated and developers have realized the need to look elsewhere. China seems to be a good prospect despite the many barriers to entry, such as piracy, monetization difficulties, fragmentation of the distribution network and naturally cultural differences.

Developers in the smaller non-English speaking countries were forced to consider the Chinese market a while back. The decision to do so was made easier for them as they already were faced with a small local market for their apps. It was natural for them to expand into foreign markets including the English market. Localizing their apps for the Chinese market was no different than doing so for the English market.