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Contextual menus, action mode, Contextual Action Bars and other stuff!

Android Contextual Menus icon

So what’s this all about?

Well, it’s sort of about context menus but different.

It’s all about using the contextual action mode. This lets the user do stuff with the items that they have selected.

Enabling the contextual action mode, displays a Contextual Action Bar at the top of the screen. You can then place action items, which are like menu options, on this bar.

The user selects items from a list for example, chooses an action item and the action linked to that action item is performed on all of the selected items.

Here’s an example

Say you had a list of countries and you want the user to be able to select a couple of them to add to a database. This is where you could use the contextual action mode.

It enables the user to select one or more of the countries in the list. They can then select a Save action item, for example, and all the selected country items will be saved in the database.

Menus. How to use them in your apps

Android menus

What you’ll learn

We’ll show you how to:

  • Create an options menu
  • Place Action items on the Action Bar
  • Create a Context menu
  • Create a Popup menu
  • Use the support library so that you can display Action Bars and popup menus on earlier versions of Android

Android Fragments, Action Bar, Menus, Notifications and Tabs, aimed at the beginner Android developer, gives a detailed overview of these concepts and then shows you how they are applied in a fully functional application. Each concept is discussed in detail, using example code from the app, making it very easy to understand.

Learn how to use fragments in your applications, enabling your app to run flawlessly on large tablets and smaller mobile phones. Master using the Action Bar, menus, and navigation tabs. See how easy it is to send notifications, including the large picture and text notifications made possible in Jelly Bean.

What about Contextual Action Modes, popups, drop-down lists, Action Items and Custom Views? No problem, you’ll master them too!

Download the project files for free from the author’s website (! The application targets Jelly Bean and can run on Ice Cream Sandwich.

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You can also download the application for free from the Amazon app store and Google Play