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Amazing Web Hosting plans from Rochen!

  • Written by  Clive

Here’s the host that you’ve been looking for!

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For almost 4 years our website,, has been hosted by Rochen. We've had 100% up-time and zero security issues!

We at can confidently recommend Rochen to you to host your website.

Check out Rochen’s money back guarantee offers!

Who are Rochen?

Rochen have been around since 2003 and are the official hosts of the Joomla! Project’s web site. They’re also a Premium Hosting Supporter of the Drupal project.

Rochen operates from Dallas, Texas and London, England. They also have Content Delivery points of access across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Their mission is to build innovative hosting services that are easy to use.

Rochen's infrastructure

Rochen’s hosting infrastructure is built with performance, reliability and security in mind.

Rochen own all their server hardware, switches and racks. They only use the best enterprise-grade servers.

All Rochen hosting packages come with Rochen Vault Managed Backups and Web Application Firewall protection as standard services.

Rochen are environmentally responsible

Rochen has partnered with Green Mountain Energy, a leader in the field of cleaner energy and carbon-offset solutions, to purchase carbon credits to offset the emissions of their hosting operations.

Rochen Performance

Rochen focuses on performance. All your data is stored on lightning fast Solid State Drives.

Rochen Security

Rochen Shield protects your data.

Rochen Shield is a Web Application Firewall system that prevents common CSS and SQL injection attacks. Even shared hosted websites are protected.

All your data is backed up daily to Rochen’s off-server secure vault with restore points spanning 30 days.

Rochen Reliability

Rochen’s robust hardware and solid uptime guarantee, plus reliable managed backups come with all Rochen’s hosting plans.

Rochen owns all their hardware so they have complete control over it.

Rochen uses the latest technologies and their engineers monitor the servers 24/7.

Uptime is generally above 99.9%.

Your User Interface

Host with Rochen and you’ll have your own My Rochen portal giving you easy access to the Rochen support team. You can also use the portal to add websites, manage your Rochen Vault backups, check your security status and more.

You also have access to your own cPanel where you can manage your website.

Choose your Hosting plan

Whether its Premium Web Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Wordpress Hosting or Reseller Hosting, Rochen is trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses as their host.

Rochen also offers a fully managed, monitored and highly available cloud server option, engineered to your needs with true elastic scaling and high availability.

Check out Rochen’s money back guarantee offers!